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On the Path to Heaven A mother loses her miracle baby and later receives small comforts from the Maker
Poetry: Family, K, English, Tragedy & Hurt/Comfort, words: 134, 12/11/2011
Joyous Day A brief incomplete poem about my wedding. I'm still trying to figure out how to complete it and working on the current last two lines as I know the rhyme doesn't flow well. Please Read and Review, I need the feed back. Thanks
Poetry: Love, K, English, Romance & Family, words: 136, 2/6/2010
3 Pain to Release Pain I feel the call of pain to release pain... I long for the paradox of healing blood
Poetry: Life, T, English, Angst, words: 93, favs: 1, 7/16/2008
2 And Just Like That In memory of my brother's friend who was loved by pretty much everyone who met him.
Poetry: Life, T, English, Tragedy, words: 89, 7/16/2008
Longing for Joy Everywhere I look I see the desire of my soul, but every time I see it in my heart it makes a hole
Poetry: Life, K+, English, Hurt/Comfort, words: 215, 7/16/2008
Ethan I've been waiting my whole life for this most exciting moment...
Poetry: Family, K, English, words: 233, 11/4/2007
My Walk I went for a walk in the snow today... your heart is made of snow...won't you let it go... you are pure my love
Poetry: Life, K, English, Spiritual, words: 464, 6/10/2007
Let Not Please don't let this really be true, let not these images truly be you, tear not my heart out of my chest, let not love fail this fatal test
Poetry: Song, T, English, Romance, words: 203, 3/2/2007
1 Dreaming awake A young girl dreams of romance but how can she find love when it is only in her sleep, perhaps it is time for her to wake up
Poetry: Song, K+, English, Romance & Fantasy, words: 284, 1/6/2007
Fatherless Based on a nightmarish dream I once had, an innocent young girl is delivering her child but no one believes she is innocent and she is alone.
Poetry: Life, T, English, Tragedy, words: 358, 1/6/2007
1 Catch Me Often in life we get caught up in things that society tells us we should be doing, but when things get out of hand do we know how to stop?
Poetry: Life, K, English, words: 151, 1/6/2007
1 Dream on In night dream, daydream or actual life what is this I feel, surely it cannot be real, I must be dreaming but I am awake!
Poetry: Love, K, English, words: 146, 11/9/2006
1 Miles to Home A young child walks miles to get home after school. This poem is her train of thought, and her story.
Poetry: Life, K+, English, Tragedy, words: 452, 11/9/2006
2Of Things once again, as graduation comes we must say goodbye to some, but that doesn't mean we'll forget them
Poetry: Friendship, K, English, words: 77, 7/20/2006
1Many many things happen and I plan to share them each with you as long as we share our lives
Poetry: Friendship, K, English, Romance, words: 74, 7/20/2006
1For the Class of 2006 come graduation many of us have to say goodbye to some of the friends that we have had for years and we send eachother out into the mystery we have heard called 'the real world'
Poetry: Friendship, K, English, words: 86, 7/20/2006
2Depend so often we fight against our truest love when He is everything that we have ever wanted and more
Poetry: Religion, K, English, words: 90, 7/20/2006
Come a lot of things happen in life and sometimes even best friends must be parted by physical distance but their hearts cannot be parted. This is for my sisters Tanya, Allyssa and Lisa
Poetry: Friendship, K, English, words: 100, 7/20/2006
2Be Gone the turmoil of a heart suffering indecision
Poetry: Love, T, English, words: 95, 7/20/2006
1Arise after hurt there must come healing, if your heart remains shattered on the floor what good is it to you or anyone else?
Poetry: Love, K, English, Spiritual, words: 89, 7/20/2006
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