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We're about to go head-to-head with whatever it is that's holding whomever back from us.

We don't know the truth. How could we? One person says yes while the other says no, vehemently, confusingly; I just want to know. Who leaves the notes, and who manages to get into here even after I've changed the password five times? I wanted to know for sure, but this isn't actually helping.

I hate walking in the dark.

Regardless, we're still going to find the source of what might have been your fear. We'll eliminate that; so, in case you are still here, you have no reason left to hide.

We can help! (But not like Townie helps... You know the, "I'M HELPING!" ... Oh, God. Who just blew up the kitchen? ... kind of way.) We'll help in the actual helping way! ==

If I change my name every week, can I be Brad Pitt? He's hotttt. XD The mail thing... SO not my fault. Why do you think I've been using yours? Write the stories, damn it. If I have to, I'ma be mad. =( And quit being so damn sappy. It makes you sound like a fag. O_O I'm the fag. That's how I should sound... Thanks for the vote of confidence, but if I had boobs I'd kill myself. =)=)=) Love you anyway, but I'm not a tranny.

One thought. You were the only gay boy I knew who liked the use of the word "fag." o_o Weirdo.

In Progress (Or Soon to be Continued)

Deviant:You wouldn't believe how evil people can be. Amanda wants to have a hot boy whose in a band for her latest boy toy, but the boy she picks just so happens to be gay. How to fix it? Ruin his life. Or, more importantly; his brother's. Always best to go after family. And she's not about to drop the rape charges, expecially when she finds out just who Franklin's "boyfriend" happens to be. (Yaoi, Slash, and all of those other M/M warnings)

And, in fact, this story was supposed to be finished; the last chapter has been written. I, however, cannot share with you the ending. It is not in my possession. I know I liked the ending, and I know we three put a lot of effort into discussing just what that should be, but I don't have the two chapters.

Cold Rain : Bottom line of this story : What would you do if your father came home one night and told you he was leaving you and your mom . . . for a guy? And not just any guy; he's one of your best friends. (Yaoi, Slash, and all of those other M/M warnings)

This story, however, I did find a continuation to, but it's only about half a chapter. It's too bad I don't have someone standing over my shoulder. Did you know I can type faster than he can? Scary thought, I tell you what. And some times he'd stand over my shoulder, or pace back and forth, dictating the story as he wanted it to go. His brain moved faster than his fingers, and he was afraid he'd miss something. Bet I missed a lot, too.

Hatred : Ever hated school projects? Well, a certian teacher has it in his mind to bring his student body closer together. Apparently, no one ever told him that pairing a jock and a girly gay boy together isn't a good idea. These two boys are only going to have three words to say to each other, and they aren't, "I love you!" (Yaoi, Slash, and all of those other M/M warnings)

Oh! I actually found more to this story, too. Yay slightly mysterious backup disc! -;; I knew you had it in you! (Well, okay. No, I didn't, because the backup disc was to my computer, not his. I just didn't realize there was so much on it. That laptop was such a... Well, I can't say in polite company!)

Love and Hate : Vincent . . . poor Vincent. It's enough that the hottest guy in school has it out to pick a fight with him whenever he gets the chance. But it's a bit much when he learns exactly why this hotty's been so relentless . . . (Yaoi, Slash, and all of those other M/M warnings)

This one... is finished. I re-read it. I'm sadly disappointed in the context, events, and overall quality of the story. Secret: The two of us came up with those characters back when we didn't know what grammar was. The story... is not that great. I love it just because it makes me giggle at how big our imaginations were.

Shattered Innocence : Russel's got probelms as it is, getting into fights in rehab when he's due to be let out in a week. But when he wakes up forgetting everything that happened before he somehowwoke up in solitary . . . Well, at least there's a really sexy rockstar there to make everything better . . . (Yaoi, Slash, and all of those other M/M warnings)

I wonder who came up with the idea for this. Me? Jade? ... It sounds like my brain, but also like theirs. Things like that...they scare me. I used to be able to tell where one writing style started and the other one ended. Now... Now I'm not so sure...

Stalker : Poor Jake's about to learn the hard way that teaching isn't as easy as he thought. Especially when he starts to think sexual thoughts about one of his male students. (Yaoi, Slash, and all of those other M/M warnings)

This one is definitely done. This one is also quite sad. Ugh.

PS: I took Vicious down, becuase Wow. That story needs some reworking. I had such a good idea, but now that I read it; I messed it up! Hardcore! Sorry, Heather. Why did you ever let me post that? Gah. I freaking put Tohma up as having a HOTEL. WTF? And it was the name of Armand's hotel. How did that happen? (Insert laugh). I'm really sorry about that. Maybe soon I'll rewrite it. I might have time in classes. Love.

(Tohma did have a Hotel, silly boy. In a long ago story, before we decided to make him a crazy, ruthless business man. That's why you put him up in the Hotel. ...Though the name you did steal! I just found the rewrite to that and who on earth wrote the paragraph below me? Did Janelle do that?)

(I'll tell you how it happened; Jae, you are an absentminded boy who was always trying to write and do eighteen things all at once. The human brain, incidentally, was not made for mutlitasking. You may have avoided that if you weren't reading the story of Heather's with Destin and Armand while writing Vicious. Oh, and you still owe me chocolate chip cookies for making use of my characters in that story! I should have made you pay with your soul... At least then I would have been able to keep better tabs on you. Maybe.)

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