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Mmkay. So. I'm a girl, almost seventeen, and I write. Yep. That's it. I write because life drives me to do so. People drive me up the wall. Situations drive me up the wall. I drive myself to the point of insanity. My life makes me want to jump out of a plane. But, instead of taking such rash measures, I write. =) I have a thick skin and I'm extremely stubborn, you won't sway me unless you have a good point, or I really love you. =) And you can probably see it in my writing. All my characters are stubborn, and they always will be. Kinda just like how everything I write is pretty much depressing. That will more than likely never change. I try to had humor every now and then, but I mostly stick to serious dialogues. I'm also very sarcastic! Yes, yes,surprising, I know!Writing intimate stuff makes me feel weird. =( So I don't do it too often. You think I want my mom to see me writing out some sort of sex scene? God forbid. Ahaha, don't think I couldn't do it though. ;) Okay. Yeah, I should probably stop typing now. Go read and review melazy butts! ;) I return the favor.

A huugggeee thank you to everyone who has added me to their authors list, and taken the time to review my stuff.All your comments, bothpositive and negative are a HUGE help. I live for feedback!

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