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New Tublr site: http:///tumblelog/silverbluu

- Eastern Winds now has its own unique Tumblr page: http:///EW

- On Hold: Eastern Winds, Kaleidoscope, Nameless, Athanaeum

A Shout-out to all the authors that have reviewed my stories. I return/ reply to reviews depending on my own whims.

About me: *Under Construction*

Hero (a webcomic): http:///story.html
Minus (a webcomic): http:///minus.html

Other Links:
The Globe: http://www.fictionpress.com/forum/The_Globe/4098
Review Game: http://www.fictionpress.com/forum/The_Review_Game/1867


Eastern Winds - An audio visual and text experiment with its own page on my Tumblr (http:///EW). This is a look into some of the far-flung regions in the world touched on in One plus one. I hope that we will meet more strange and whimsical creatures. And in doing so, I hope we find grains of truth in grains of sand.

One plus one - A philosophy weaved into the backdrop of a journey. This speaks of spaces, connections, certainty, universes, dreams and motion. I hope you enjoy the journey, the cast of characters, and their stories of truths. For stories are all we have.

Travel Log - Memoirs of the places I've traveled to and a survival guide for travelers. A story that is perhaps long overdue. This chronicles my life as a traveler, and exploring what this world has to offer. I'm excited that I get to dig through some photo-albums, journals, and VCDs for this one. And I hope I its a story that is not complete for some time because there is just so much of the world I have not yet seen.

Nano Future - The future is small, fast, and full of smart machines and smart objects. Humans integrating with machine. Machine taking on traits of humans. Humans living forever, machines being forever young. This is the story of how the future got this way.

Stories awaiting realization:
- A play/ script/ drama?
- Poetry (Compilation?)
- Song(s)?
- Horror??
- Action??

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