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I write about what I see, hear, and think. Not every poem I post is about me, but I like to write about a lot of different subjects. I'm inspired by what I see, hear, and think. I hope that you wonderful guys and gals like what I write, and please don't forget to leave a review. R & R.

Update: 02/11/21 New year new me. Some of my likes/ dislikes have changed in a major way. So to some of the new readers here's a list of some of my likes for the new year.

Music: Everything from k-pop, rap, alternative, hip hop, r&b, and country. I'm currently listening to a lot of music from artist that have passed like Chris Cornell and Linkin Park at the moment.

Actor: I'm loving Ji Chang Wook- Korean Actor and Michael P. Gordon- American actor.

Actress: Shin Min Ah- Korean actress and Zoe Saldana- American

Pass the time: Reading as usual.

Color :Gold.

I hope that you like what I've written and what I hope to write. Drop a review and let me know what you like of my poem. Don't just read...let me know what you think about it. Inquiring minds wanna know my pepes.

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