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On October 8th, I will be 15 and 7 months, which makes me eligible for a drivers permit. Whoop-de-fucking-do.

So... looks like all my stories are going bye-bye. Granted, it's not like I care, but I worked on some of those infested pieces of shit for months at a time. I keep an RPG journal nowadays, look down below. I'm not completely dormant from writing, arright?

Yo, everybody that's bummed out about bandfics going away: MARCHING BAND IS AN UNTAPPED RESOURCE. You'll have to ask someone in band for details, but it provides heaps of opportunities with ska bands!

(Guess who feels proud about being a bandie right now...)

http:///clubs/punkfanfictiondoesexist ~ a Punk Fanfiction club. It's run by Cardboard Tom. Join it, since she owns your asses.

http:///~demseythebear ~ my Livejournal. Again, whoop-de-fucking-do.

http:///~mrguitargod ~ my role playing journal. Three guesses.

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