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Posted: March 6th 2004

Obsession of the Time: Linkin Park

It's taken decades to establish this
you're new to hip hip and welcome if you're serious
bun not on the mic,
Leave that to the experienced_

http://www.fanfiction.net/~hanyougohan fanfictionlog:

1st Timothy 4:12

So you pick up a pen and write yourself a new identity
But mentally you don't have the hip hop energy
With a tendency to make up stories
Sounding like the only hip hop you've heard is top 40 (top 40)
And your record company is completely missing it
All the kids are dissing it for not being legitimate
So in a battle you can't hack it
React with whack shit
And get smacked with verbal back flips
Get your ass kicked by fabulous battle catalysts
It's taken decades for emcees to establish this
You're new to hip hop and welcome if your serious
But not on the mic
Leave that to the experienced
((Step Up, Linkin Park))

get used to it, wanna-be's arent wanted_

Clutching my cure, I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again
I hurt much more, than any time before
I have no options left again
I dont want to be the one the battles always choose
'Cuz inside I realize that I'm the one confused
I dont know what's worth fighting for, or why I have to scream
I dont know why I instigate and say what I dont mean
I dont know how I got this way, I know its not alright
So I'm breaking the habit
((Breaking The Habit, Linkin Park))

Reversed psycology
failing miserably
its so hard to be left all alone
Telling you is the
Only chance for me
There's nothing left but to turn and face you
When I look into your eyes
There's nothing there to see
Nothing but my own mistakes
Staring back at me
((P5HNG ME A*WY, Linkin Park))

Meanwhile, I just grip my mic
And hope me and my team make it through alright
Because say what you will
And say what you might
But don’t ignore who it’s for at the end of the night
((Dedicated, Linkin Park))

All three of those songs have amazing impact on me and are the coolest songs you will ever here. I advise you listen to them if you havent already_

--Rock On!!--

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