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Rin Amaru
Joined Mar '04
Rin-chan loves to write. Mostly writing about romance, she always grabs your attention early on in her stories. She discovered her writing talent in the 5th grade, writing a story made up almost entirly of dialouge. Called Yutha, it was the beginning of her writing career. The next year, she wrote All Ye Faithful and I'm No Angel, progressing further into her own descriptive writing style. In 7th grade, she discovered fanfiction and began to write many short stories about her favorite television shows. Upon entering the 8th grade, she signed up for an Advanced Writing class and started writing even more spoems, stories, and songs. This year, 9th grade, she decided to become a member of Fiction Press to share her latest ideas with the internet world. Enjoy. ^_^ (Actually, I'm in 10th now... lol)
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