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5Oo This is what happens when too much coffee and free time in english class mixes.
Poetry: Humor, K, English, Humor & Poetry, words: 96, 2/19/2005
Coffee AKA Crazy for Love A neat poem by my bestfriend. About love and it's beginings.
Poetry: Love, K, English, Poetry, words: 235, 2/19/2005
1The Rose This isn't mine, It's a friends Poe story for English. "Holds the power of my parents, but I would never do it."
Fiction: Horror, T, English, Horror, words: 370, 12/15/2004
2The Clock This is for my english class. We had to write in the style of Edgar Alan Poe. Here's my version. Includes some mental instabability
Fiction: Horror, K+, English, Horror, words: 748, favs: 1, 12/14/2004
Kanashimi "Depressing...I was not in a good mood, you might say, and came up with this. BTW-kanasimi means grief." Again, by one of my dear friends.
Poetry: Life, K+, English, Parody, words: 123, 10/17/2004
Yesterday wow...i was doing the laundry...started singing...and came up with this bit of nonsense...(actually in song format)
Poetry: Humor, K, English, Humor, words: 203, 10/17/2004
1Words Words words...can I have one please?
Poetry: General, K, English, Humor, words: 83, 3/28/2004
I laugh Short. read to find out.
Poetry: Humor, K, English, words: 28, 3/28/2004
1Onomatopoeia Bored. Had been listening to sounds all day.
Poetry: Humor, K, English, Poetry & Humor, words: 57, favs: 1, 3/28/2004
1Nighttime Visitor Just a thing I wrote one night after my cat scared me pretty badly
Poetry: Fantasy, K, English, Supernatural, words: 76, 3/28/2004
Mother Nature II JUst another nature thing. KInda goes along with the first one.
Poetry: Nature, K, English, words: 73, 3/28/2004
1Wonder Sort and to the point
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 29, 3/26/2004
Differences Differences between two people. kinda serious/fluffy
Poetry: Life, K, English, words: 70, 3/26/2004
3My Mind Here's an insight on my mind. humorous
Poetry: Humor, K, English, Humor & Poetry, words: 76, 3/26/2004
Mother Nature Just me and my thoughts on nature
Poetry: Nature, K, English, Poetry, words: 120, 3/26/2004
The Evil Betty just a little thing about a certain gray fuzzy
Poetry: General, K, English, Humor, words: 74, 3/26/2004
2Anime I had to write this for english class. Unlike Erebus, where she fixed up the last two lines (lol) This is in the format required for pantoums
Poetry: Humor, K, English, Humor, words: 90, 3/26/2004
1Another Day read the poem to understand
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 68, 3/26/2004
Homework I wanted to go out and about...but first...homework
Poetry: School, K, English, Humor, words: 84, 3/25/2004
Mask I was thinking about who I was, and who people saw in me. Then I was thinking about how would I be affected if I lost my own mask.
Poetry: Life, K, English, words: 82, 3/25/2004
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