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Age: 17
Gender: Female
Country: Singapore
Hobbies: Writing, reading, watching TV
Favourite genre: Fantasy/romance

Thanks to all the readers and reviewers. I really appreciate the help you've given me :)

I'm finally back to updating, after months of being inactive.. shall try to update as often as i'm able to..

My Fiction:

My friend is an elf (Fantasy/Romance):

It's about a girl, Loriel,who finds out that her classmate, Leoyl Zyvalius,is actually an elf prince who had lost his memories.

Loriel Floyd finds Leoyl's pencil case lying on the table. She guessed that Leoyl forgot to bring it home, so she decided to keep it for him temporary. Strange things start happening to her, and she realises that there is a curious-looking stone inside the pencil case. What she doesn't know is that the stone is an elfstone, something that elves from the another world are searching for...

Prophecy (Fantasy/Romance):

Princess Galedia is tired of the palace life. On her sixteenth birthday, the king betrothed her to Prince Helius of Esendal(a country), making her furious. She then made a choice that she never dared make before- to run away from home. With help from a palacemaid, Galedia managed to leave the palace. Things didn't go well for her after she left, though. First, she got lost in the woods. Then, her things were stolen by a robber. On both occasions, a young man, Kironthus, came to her help. They travelled together for some time and developed feelings for each other. What Galedia didn't know is that Kironthus was a rebel...

This story is a re-write of my earlier story, The Prophecy. But I thought that the previous story was too confusing and disorganised, so i decided to re-write the whole thing. The main idea of the story remains, but the plots and some characters are quite different. I'll be updating this about once a week or so if i'm not busy.

(Thanks to Adrienne Jonesfor suggesting this)
I'll be adding (or edit)more as the story goes on...
?? - not mentioned in the story yet

Evansmile (ee-verns-mile)
Esendal (ee-sen-der)

Galedia (gail-deer): Runaway Princess (of Evansmile)
Laurie (law-ry): Palace maid (of Evansmile), Galedia's friend
Eran (ee-run): King (of Evansmile), Galedia's father
Melber (mell-ber): Lord (of Evansmile), one of King Eran's most trusted men
Kironthus/ Ki(kai-ron-turs/ kai): ?? (of Evansmile)
Fryin (Frin): ?? (of Evansmile)
Forlin (For-leen): Friend of Ki (of Evansmile)
Horde: Friend of Ki (of Evansmile)

Helius: (hee-lius): Prince (of Esendal), Galedia's friend

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