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I burn for you in degrees of Kelvin, but a billion miles away, you raise your head towards the sky and see yet another celestial speck trying her hardest to stand out against the starry night...

Hey. Tell me, what happens to a star when it dies? Will it incinerate everything around in a colossal explosion?

Or will it silently collapse in on itself, a victim of its own flame -- burning and burning until it has burned itself out?


My name is Sophelia.

-Age 19

-Loves: California. Music. Fashion. Vignettes. Nana. Mythology. Francesca Lia Block. The Phantom of the Opera. Ella Enchanted. William Faulkner. Ai Yazawa. Sylvia Plath. Fairy Tales. T.S. Eliot.

I am somewhat of a rare breed: a lazy perfectionist. I undergo extreme storyline planning before writing anything down. I also tend to lose interest very quickly. I do write regularly on my blog (link is under 'homepage') - usually really obscure stuff - so drop by if you're ever bored to tears.

I try to reply to every review anyone sends me - either by reviewing your story or by sending a message. If you want me to review something of yours, just let me know and I'll return the favor. In case you want to contact me (though I'm not quite sure why), the best way is to send me a message through Fictionpress.

The Ecstasian Phantom is the first story I've written that has managed to get past two chapters. I've axed four other stories that got nowhere. Cross your fingers and hope it'll be the first story I'll ever finish.


Progress as of: October 23, 2010

Since this past summer, EP has undergone MAJOR revisions -- Rory's half of the story is being completely redone, and with the snail's pace I am going at as I try to write while balancing my university coursework, I have no idea when I'll have completed 16 chapters worth of revisions so I can replace all of the ones that are currently uploaded on here. In any case, if/when I finally do get around to this, expect Rory's story to be darker and much more focused than before.

And in other news, The Ecstasian Phantom was nominated for Most Memorable (Incomplete) at SKoW Round 10!! Unfortunately, I've been so out of touch with the fictionpress community that had no idea about this nomination until after the winner had already been announced. But in any case, thanks to everyone for your support!! :)

Status of:

The Ecstasian Phantom - Chapter 16 Coloratura has been posted. I won't even dare give an approximate date for the next update.

Jko Eat World - On indefinite hiatus. I'm focusing on Phantom right now, so this one will have to wait until I am interested in it again... sorry.

Alexisabelle - If I am stuck in another writer's block, there is a good chance I may extend this vignette into a story. It will not be a full-length novel like EP -- if anyone has read Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block, that's the kind of style I'm going for.

Cue the Serenade - It was meant to be a very short one-shot. I don't plan on adding anything more to it.

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