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After a long break resulting from no better excuse than laziness, I should be coming out with something new. I won't make any promises as to when it will be posted though.

Story Status:

- Lilith: Complete; read if you want a vampire story that defies the stereotypical living dead, darker than my others

- Degrees of Success: Complete; stream of tmi consciousness and the challenges of being an author

- Over Coffee: Complete one-shot; left at the alter with nobody being a whiny bitch

- Names: Complete one-shot; becoming a servant without stockholm syndrome, aka femslash deserves a better rep

- Queen Bitch: Complete; everything you thought you knew about romance is a lie

About My Lovely Favorites List:

I'm rather selective with the stories I favorite, and it's really meant to help YOU find stories that I think are a good read. So, when a lot of authors took down their work, I took it off my list. These authors and stories deserve major props and can usually be found on the 1000+ review communities. You can find them, but if you want something that's easily accessible, my list is just a click away.

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