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Cederick Kuneraze PM
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I am dedicated to the characters I have made: Kiyejer, Raven, Re'nard the Reaper, and Vega. I am also dedicated to their world in which they thrive, Hael. Thus my stories shall revolve around them and other characters i may think up, in what i call "The Saga of the Sword" I have gotten inspiration from many artists, as many know if they check out fanfiction.net. A few of those same people may notice that mine and fanfiction writer Obsidian Skies have the same e-mail, this is because I am Obsidian Skies and i wish to apologize for many shortcomings and announce that i will continue my two most reviewed series: The AkIrA Complex and Fushigi Yuugi Wars Episodes 1-6. With that said, i hope you like the Action series, "The Saga of the Sword"![please excuse my website, it is under construction]
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