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Heart of Atirien is being updated at but nothing overly new yet. Though if you're interested in my writing go there since there's lots of other stuff to feast your eyes on via that page to hold you over until I get the next part of this thing online. :-)

Now for the bio.
I am a 22 year old student from Sweden. I study media, communications, design, music and other nifty stuff. I love to read and write obviously, but really am an all around artist. I love to sing, dance, play the piano, paint, draw and so on.

I am bad at excuses, I am brilliant at insulting people, I am proud.

Those are my cardinal faults.

I am brilliant, I am loving, I have a kind heart.

Those are my strongest virtues.

Now you know almost nothing about me, but for now that will have to do, I seriously doubt anyone ever reads these things anyhow.

I've been writng a little book called Heart of Atrien, review and I will love you always cuz I could really use some tender lovin' care to get back to my writing.

Heart of Atirien: This chapter contains the opening poem for the book.
Chapter 2: A young woman finds herself guesting and actual banquet and her world begins to unfold. Don't skip parts, much is inconsequential, BUT there are pieces that are really important. Yes more fantasy elements will follow. Patience is a virtue. Did anyone say EPIC proportions?
Chapter 3: A trip through the underworld and heroes are summoned.
Capter 4: The warrior captain of Ti'a'miriv is awakened.
Chapter 5: The wandering bard and soothsayer is called upon.
Chapter 6: The supreme priestess K'lama -"Eye of the Future" answers the call.
Chapter 7: The huntress gets a kiss from the past.
Chapter 8: The lover gets a rude awakening.
Chapter 9: The virgin is caught up in memories.
Chapter 10: The last crossing to Atirien and something goes terribly wrong...

Chapter 11: Once again we meet up with a confused Nick.
Chapter 12: Nick's at a loss again.
Chapter 13: Nick learns some more of this place he's ended up in and tries to make sense of what's happened to him.
Chapter 14: Nick experiences some of the downsides of having a blood curse cast upon you.

Quote from Heart of Atirien:
"Oh, gods I just wish life would be fair..."
"Life is fair, it's just not all that kind."

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