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Story Status:
Dance of the Mob:
On Hold for Rewrite (3/6)
White Russian: On Hold. (3/?)
Averages: Chapter 3 up. (3/?)

Challenges (all finished):

Without Remorse
Summer Equals Party
Attempts at Danger
My Past is My Present

Unexpected Circumstance

Japan (Impressionist and I don't like the ending, but whatever...)

My Group on Yahoo is Young Writers 101 @ http:///group/youngwriters101/
A member of the Original Fiction Ficathon http:///of_ficathon/

My Review Policy:

Read one of my stories and give it more than a one-sentence/word review (I want actual criticism) and I will read and review/critique one of your stories. That isn't too much to ask now is it?

Dear Plagiarists:

Don't even think about it. I spent long hours working on these and if I wouldn't steal from you or from anyone else, then you shouldn't do it to me or to anyone else on this site or others. Plagiarizing is inhuman and can get you into a lot of trouble legal or otherwise. Be adults and write your own pieces of literature! Don't steal from others because you obviously can't write anything by yourself. If I catch anyone plagiarizing my stories then I will definitely report you, not just to the site your are posting it on but also to a few very great communities against plagiarizing.

Treat others like you would like to be treated. That's all there is to it.

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