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After many years of not writing, I've picked up my (figurative) pen again.

I've also taken down my old stories (and saved all the lovely reviews), for after this seven or so year hiatus, I can definitely see where the quality was lacking, and hope to make up for it by honing my craft anew here again.

I've started on a project or two, and have decided to return to the Fictionpress waters to test my prose. I hope that someone out there will enjoy what I've written as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Current project:


Five years ago, Elia Evernata followed her heart and the man of her dreams into the lands of the Dark Emperor, on a valiant quest to vanquish the great evil once and for all. But things went awry and her lover left her for dead to save his own hide. Five years later, Elia is back from the dead, wielding great powers of fire and ice. Years as the emperor’s prisoner had changed her, and she is hell-bent on revenge against those who had left her behind.

Korian Valentus is a capable warrior and a good soldier. But his routine world of law and order and thrown into disarray when he is tasked by his uncle the King to capture the rampaging sorceress as she wreaks havoc across the city. He has to capture her alive, for the King needs her for something more. Something only she has done, and that he needs her to do again for the sake of the Kingdom - fight the Dark Emperor and survive.

But will she be able to do it again, and will Korian let her, as his attraction to this angry, broken woman grows.

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