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My name is Shannon and I'm completely insane. You wouldn't know it, just by meeting me, but seriously, take my word when I say I am totally off my rockers. I'm cukoo, I'm loco, I'm a giant wet slipper. But aside from that, I guess you can say I'm just an average girl. But that's what all the loonies say, don't they? Give you a sense of security, 'Oh, yeah, I have chores too, and sometimes I feel like painting the bottom of my feet purple. I'm normal.' And then BAM! They pop out with super radioactive rubber chickens and start cackling mady...at least in my experience. Anyways, I'm not really normal. But you can't tell I'm strange, not unless you know me real well, which is a dangerous endeavor all on its own. I love to write. What's a crazy gal like me to do with all her creative energy? Rock scultping? Nah, I'm not real trustworthy around sharp point chisels and the like. Anyways, that's me and my life in a nut shell.

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