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Notes: Marionette Man is finished. Yeah, I really lost my muse for that story, but I'm leaving it up for reading pleasure (or pain -_-;; ). Perhaps one day I will get another chapter up. Perhaps.

Notes 5/1/04: Sorry for lack of updates on Chapel of the Dandelions [CotD]. My computer isn't working well this week, and it's an annoyance it sit and type when all these pop-ups attack your computer anonymously. However, I do have a couple chapters already written on paper. I hate doing that, but I can't write them online due to all these viruses.

Notes 5/11/04: Gomen, gomen to those keeping track of CotD. I'm seriously working 'twords chapter four, but I end up hating the drafts and completely rewriting it. So, I've got one I'm decently proud of. I plan to put that up, once I finish.

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