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Well hewwo!! Li-chan here. In case you're wondering, "Proh Crepitus" is Latin for "oh snap!". At least according to Jesse... Aaaanyway, please visit
A) Moroni of the Mount of Ro
B) AmazingBlazes
C) Kirona of the Skies
D) Scruffy the Pixie

They are my favorite friends on here and will be greatly obliged if you'd read their stuff too. ^_^

And does anyone know why these people don't like my "..."s?? oh well...

Thanks for catching my mistakes, like the ones spellcheck doesn't. ^_^;; No one's perfect and I really do appreciate it. You guys are all so sweet about my poetry!!! :huggles each and every last reviewer: Especially you who I don't know personally!

Oi! Xantos story is done!

Oi! Oi! The Mages of AAS is now completely finished! I decided to just give you all the rest of it instead of bothering with more chapters because I would probably forget to put it up even if it was already all typed. So...read it! :cracks whip: It's good, I promise. Hugs and kisses to those who read (and review)!

Some of you may ask yourselves (or me), "If I think some of my poems suck, why are they still up on fictionpress?" The answer is this: A) I'm too lazy to go back and see which ones suck. B) Maybe you can learn from them? and C) Maybe someone, somewhere doesnt' think they suck. XP. So there's your answer! Tootles!

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