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So...lookie its my profile...

I don't really feel the need to tell you something about myself...or say something really wise or profound...or even really that funny...

...So I'll just talk about my new story.

Darkened Hope: The Prayer for Anarchy

It's a zombie story that doesn't focus much on zombies, hehe. Basically, me and a lot of my friends have for some reason this fascination with zombies. I started to think about it and I don't think its much about the zombies, but its more about all the bullcrap in modern society. Not to say that I am an active anarchist lol but here is what I mean.

I recently read that the U.N. ranked Norway as the greatest nation to live in. Ya know where the highest rate of suicide is?

:sings: Ittttt'sss Norwaaayyy!!!!

The idea, and the idea of the story itself is that all the comfort is making us kind of nuts. And that we weren't meant to live this way. People needed to be faced with life or death every day in order to function and quite frankly, yes, be happy.

The story can be summed up by one of the main characters, Steve Lowe.

"Ya know, at this point, all the bull@# goes away. It's all about survival."

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