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I like to write stories, especially about things that can only happen in my imagination.

I like to create characters. To think in their mind set. To decide their actions.

I like the feeling of full control over my characters. I can make them do anything I want. I am their god. They live or die at my whim...

Ahem...Did I just reveal my evil side? Oops! Sorry if I scared you. Don't take it seriously. That's not really me.
(The real me: Or is it? The fake me: Of course not!) Well, you are the one to judge.

Anyway, back to business here. If you haven't read my story yet, please proceed to the bottom of the page and read away. I guarantee that you will get THE experience of your life.
(The real me: Or not! The fake me: Hey, stop that! I'm trying to get more readers here.)

As for people who have read my story and liked it, here's a few ways you can help:
(The fake me: These are the only ways you can cure your addiction to my story. The real me: As if there's any addiction.)

1) Continue to read and leave reviews. Reviews can help motivate me to write, and you may get an update faster. If you are busy, you can just leave a few words, so that I know you have read. But of course, suggestions and constructive criticisms are always welcome.
(The fake me: No reviews = No updates, so you better review. The real me: Don't listen to her!)

2) Spread your word around. Tell you friends and advertise my story on fictionpress. Add it to your favourite lists and C2s if you see fit.
(The fake me: Spread the love! Join the cult! My story is going to dominate the world in no time! The real me: You are scaring everyone away, including me, if that's even possible.)

3) If you really have the time and really want to help, you can be my editor.
(The fake me: I don't understand this. My story is PERFECT. Why do I need editing? The real me: You are an idiot!)

Feel free to PM/e-mail me if you have any questions/comments. Thanks for your support.


PS. (The fake me: I command you to read and review my story now! The real me: Please read and review.)

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