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I'm just trying to spread the truth (as I see it) through my stories and poems. If I had lived in different times I think I should have just been a wandering storyteller. That sounds really fun.

~Just because you don't see faries dancing across the lawn doesn't mean that they're not there. (JM Barrie)

~Will you still need me will you still feed me when I'm 64?

I've noticed that lately somebody is looking at MY college essays. I don't mind if they inspire ideas in you. BUT, WRITE YOUR OWN ESSAYS!! I spent time on these. Stop being such lazy asses and work on your own essays.

Richard Bone: Edgar Lee Masters

When I first came to Spoon River

I did not know whether what they told me

Was true of false.

They would bring me the epitaph

And stand around the shop while I worked

and say "He was so kind." "He was wonderful."

"She was the sweetest woman." "He was a constant Christian."

And I chiseld for them whatever they wihsed

All in ignorance of its truth.

But, later as I lived among the people here

I knew how true to life

Were the epitaphs that were orderd for them

As they died.

But, still I chilsed whatever they paid me to chisel

And made myself party to the false chronicles

Of the stones.

Even as the historian does who writes

Without knowing the truth

Or because he is influenced to hide it.

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