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Welcome to my profile. Skip by this boring stuff if you like, as long as you read something and, if you're a kind, loving person who wants to help me write to the best of my ability, leave a review and you never know, I might just get back to you.

Please do also note that, while I am happy to receive responses to reviews I might have left- whether complaints, explanations or otherwise, I'd much prefer it if they came to me by review-reply, rather than as a review (unless there's actually a bit of reviewing in there). We've got this snazzy new feature for a reason, so you might as well use it ;)

I write because I cannot express myself any other way. As people may have noticed, I write a lot of historical fiction, though previously my interest has been fantasy and I still plan on banging another fantasy story out eventually. I'm on this site because I want creative criticism for my stuff, and I do intend at some stage to attempt getting something published. I'd really love to act as well.

Personal information about me: I'm a non-religious (not atheist, just not affiliated with any organised religion), eighteen-year-old and I'm interested in various faiths, age-groups and sexual orientations. I write about things that interest me, usually based on emotions, emotional situations, or things that strike me when I'm reading non-fiction or studying particular events. Please don't take my stories as representations of my viewpoints. Of course, my own views ARE in there, but just because I write from the viewpoint of Nazis, or whatever else, doesn't make me a Nazi. For reference, I'm fairly left wing, dislike consumerism and commercialism, and make my own decisions about ethics and morals etc.

I've also been known to write the odd poem, but I don't personally consider any of them very good. And I'm interested in writing plays, but haven't attempted any, as yet.

My personal recommendation is 'Joy' or 'Night Has Fallen'- it was going to be entered in for a contest, but I was too late :'(

Ongoing Stories

Unregarded Truths- In 1938, Munich, Ilse Bormann discovers that she is to be married to the son of a family friend- a protection marriage, just until Niklas manages to get out of the country. But she finds herself becoming more involved in his life, even meeting Liena, the daughter of Niklas' lover. Gradually, she realises that there might be no option but for her to stay with him... just until they manage to get out of the country. Rated for lesbian relationship, 'toyboy' relationship, language, adult themes and violence. Complete as of 13/11/2006

fourth or fifth rewrite in planning. The characters are the same, but the premise and storyline have taken some shifts so it's not so soapy and more like what I'm into writing at the moment. The old premise was thought of two years ago, and I've changed a lot since then.

Spirit on the Water- A fantasy story set in a fairly modern time period of an alternate universe. Kali and Amyena don't know each other and both worship very different versions of the same Goddess, but they have both been given the same prophecy. Both are the vessels of the foretold resurrection of the White Goddess, human and yet divine, destined to save their respective peoples from the country's Irinite rulers. Pursued by agents of their country's militaristic, theocratic dictator, as well as other more mysterious forces, the two girls find themselves unwittingly united.

Short Stories

Angel- Written briefly in the space of about fifteen minutes, this story is about a Holocaust victim who is rewarded for her continued faith through all her hardships by being turned into an angel.

Opposites- An ex-SS muses on his life in the camps, his duties there, wondering how he could have let such a thing happen. All the while, he contemplates suicide, and what it means to be a faithful Nazi.

Jenny- A little girl living in Post-War London. Only young, she is still innocent, and relishes in the brightness of the day...until tragedy strikes.

Jump- Heavily based on the song 'Spring' by Rammstein (album Rosenrot) this is basically the story of the song told through a different perspective. A man climbs to the top of a bridge to look at the view, but people think he is going to commit suicide. They gather, and in what quickly becomes a horror story, tell him to 'Jump!'

Sunset- Based upon images I see when I faint: red water and bubbles rising above me. Drowning at sunset.

You Killed Yoninah!- A twelve-year-old Ukrainian boy wanders too far from his home in the pursuit of food. Deep in the forest, as the sun is setting and the weather is becoming colder, he stumbles upon a mass grave of Jews.

Firefly- The last hours in the life of a kamikaze pilot, down to his inevitable death. This was inspired by a visit to the Peace Museum in Chiran, Kyushuu, Japan. A picture greeted us upon entry; a pilot being lifted by angels from his burning plane. In the museum, pictures of the pilots, taken just before departure, surrounded the walls. Almost every one of them was smiling.

Run- A girl runs to save her life during the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.

Night Has Fallen- Fairly self-explanatory: the arrival of joyous spring to a town that has been deprived for a long time.

Missed Conceptions- This was for an English outcome, but I had a lot of fun writing it and creating the two nameless characters. The main character is vaguely based on a person I know who had a rather similar experience with me, but the girl in question is not me, and the only similarity is the sexuality.

Night-Bird- A literature assignment; writing in the style of Isabel Allende- an extra story for her collection of short stories, 'Stories of Eva Luna'. The story concerns a mysterious woman called Itzaé de Egaña and a man whose passion to uncover her secrets leads him to brutal cruelty.

About Time- Leonard visits his homosexual lover in prison. Set in Australia c. 1967, this is the first-written in a series of short stories about Roy, Leonard and his wife Emily.

The Most Desperate of Housewives- Written to follow About Time, this is the story of Emily's reaction to her husband's news that he is gay. She too visits Roy in an attempt to understand what made her husband leave, but is less than impressed by the result of their meeting.

Adios, amigos, and keep smiling!
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