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Hey there...how are ya? goodI hope...I don't really like writing these things but i'm going to to my very best

lets start with baby steps...you can call me Tori *wipes forhead* whoo now that we got that one over with I go to some harder ones...hmmm...I like...turtles...HAHA who'd a think it! anyway...you really don't need to know anything else other than that I love to write please read and review all of my works if you can! I'll love you forever and I will make sure that i review you back. If you feel the need to know more about me just email me with your questionsand i will post the answers here, though if they are inappropriate i will not answer.

I am also in the process of writing a story...its not very long at the moment so I will post it when i have something more written.

If i ever don't update this page in a months time feel free to email me and yell at me for not getting my butt moving! That would be much appreciated.

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