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College dropout working at a movie theatre- Trying to pay her way to Australia in August(!! :) , Actress extraordinaire, Lost World Fanatic: Marguerite ~n~ Roxton forever, baby! (I am also a hopeless romantic for Will Snow and Rachel Blakely- the two actors that play M&R- they are gorgeous and "Are meant to be together" in the words of Shakira who is AT this moment on the radio, and creepy enough- that lyric came up while I was typing this. I think it's a pretty dumb song, but that one lyric fit what I feel about those two wonderful people.)
Acting is my life. I love singing, I LOVE Bernadette Peters, Barbra Streisand, musicals, and movies. I like cake. TLWROX :) :) :)
I feel bad that my profile is so short. I will keep what I have, but add this extra stuff at the end...
Hmmmmm... I already said what I like. I pretty much only read LW fics, because I am TOTALLY obsessed with it and the whole M&R relationship... And I don't like anything else that's on TV as much as I like TLW... Oh- I absolutely LOVE TOTSS (Tales of the South Seas) fics- it's a show from '98 that starred Will Snow and Rachel Blakely. There aren't that many of them, though... :( (WOOO for D&I!) *swoon*
Ummm- I'm gonna do some promoting for my twinny Jaclyn. She writes AMAZING poems and LW fics and ST:V and all kinds of goodies. Check her out- for my sake. :)
Many thanks to all the nice people that review my stories and the 3 people that put me on their favorites list. It means a lot.
Ok. I think this was a sufficient amount. :)
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