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Joined Apr '04
(I took my poems down to edit them They'll be posted back up again soon)
age:15 going on to 16 (soon)
Looks:brown hair,brown eyes,tan skin (hawiian tan)--sorry had to show that off! uh... i don't where make up because i...HATE IT!!! and...thats it...(nothing special just my old skater girl look)

if you want 2 look at other things i write ANIME then go to http://www.fanfiction.net/~luv2write90

I write, skateboarding (alot), dance (only breakdancing) and... for some reason i really hate reading! I only read when i'm really really really bored

well...thats it about me (exciting huh?!) I HAVE 7 BROTHERS NO SISTERS!

I love chilling wit homies (in fact i hate staying home!!!) if it weren't for my computer and family I WOULD BE OUT ALL THE TIME!!!!

ok...so thats it...why are you still here?...I SAID THATS IT!!! LEAVE ALREADY!!! lol kidd'in don't leave until you read my stuff

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