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Hello! My name is XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX, (hehe, my dad would kill me if I gave it out onto a public site like this...), but you can call me Danielle (used that psuedonym in a story I wrote). Or even Dani. I'm a girl, I'm 15 years old, and I live in the US (Minnesota, to be presice). I play saxophone--alto, but I've played tenor--and the piano. My favorite colors are cyan (a really, really pretty light blue), yellow, and red. I like to write stories (all the time...), and go to a forum called NarniaWeb (http:///forum ) and www.fanfiction.net.

I like to play RPGs, I'm a Christian (though I wish I was more of a solid one), a republican, and obsessive person. :P My favorite kinds of stories are supernatural; especially fantasy. Feel free to e-mail me about my stories or anything like that.

BTW, sorry if I offend you at any time. I have a horrendous habit of meaning something, but wording my statements in a way that seems really mean. -_-' I also overreact. A lot. Also, if you happen to read any of my older stories/"poems", please remember I wrote them when I was just starting to write more "maturely"; they've still got a lot of rewrites to go through...


If you're wondering why I put that up like I did, it's because I am sick and tired of seeing people criticizing him--half the time, without giving good reasons. I'm also tired of a quite a bit of the media being anti-Bush, and even twisting facts (it's funny how we're more likely to hear about death tolls and unhappy soldiers than victories and how happy the Iraqi people are...it's also remarkable that it wasn't reported most p that 3 out of 4 soliders in Iraq voted for Bush, from what I heard) to make him look bad. I think this rant is long enough, so I'll stop here; I just wanted to let my opinion known, if only to slightly counteract all the negative opinions about him.

UPDATES (as of 9/24/07):

I'm taking down Unwanted Guests. I think that putting it online is affecting my ability to write it (I feel like I have to get it right the first time and I can't go back and change things), and I'd like to try to write it without that affecting it. Shadows of the Light is still going to get taken down (sometime soon), but this one is coming back; I'm only taking down the ones I'm really serious about writing (and UG has joined those ranks).

Sorry for not updating for forever, then just taking it down like that...


Anyone interested in joining the TUC fan club, e-mail me.

Current Members:

RurouniMarion (Marion from TUC (The Udorian Chronicles))
Lost Inside (Yippe:D)
Peeka Chan/Story Gurl (NEW MEMBER!!! does happy dance :P)
Reincarnated Tempest (Cat from TUC)
Casey Drake (OUR NEWEST MEMBER!!! is very happy :D)

Oh, btw...we now have our own forum. :D It's right here: /Udorian_Chronicles. Check it out. :P

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