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I suppose I should write some stuff in here. I'm not going to tell any of you anything, though, because you might all be insane lunatics out to kill me. All I can say is that I'm absolutely perfect in every way. I'm even modest.

Like I said in my Livejournal account, you can learn a lot about a person just by listening (or, in this case, reading) to them blabber. It tell you how they think, what they like, etc. You can probably figure out exactly how a person's mind works just by talking to them for a while (okay, a LONG while). It's freaky, isn't it?

In a way, it's weird. If I know a person even semi-well, as in if I've spoken to them a couple of times, then I can usually understand them. I can understand how they'll react to a certain situation, what they might like, what they don't like, stuff like that. And it's just from spending a little bit of time with them, listening to them blabber.

Wow, I used that word, blabber, a lot haven't I? Oh well, you can't have a conversation (or a musing) about something without saying the word at least a fair amount of times.

I wonder if anyone is actually going to read this, I mean, the only reason I ever see an author profile is if I like their stories and want to see what else they've written. And since I haven't really got any noteworthy stories (I'm working my way off fanfics and onto here... eventually), and because even if I have the chance of anyone stopping to read my bio is very slim, I'm pretty much just talking to myself, aren't I? Isn't talking to yourself the first sign of insanity? Oh well, I was probably born insane...

And here ends the Bio of Lily Rose. See you next time I get bored enough to update!

P.S. I've blabbered enough up there, haven't I? What do you know about me? Other than the fact that I'm insane, I mean.

I also have a fanfiction account, so if you want to know about me, please check it out at:


Oooh oooh! And I have a livejournal account:


Just a comment, my fanfiction account is a lot more developed than this one, seeing as I want to get a grip on writint fanfics before I start writing real stories. Don't worry, I'll move on over here sometime...

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