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Well, this isn't a one person show. There's two of us. Demonic and Pyro, don't matter which one is which, just know, that if you dont like our story, we'll kill you! just playin... bitch...
You aint getting nothing about us from this bio except for updates on our stories. That and that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are our idols, so fuck off! bitch... remember! listen to ICP, dont drink and drive, and smoke weed every day. bitch...

My guess is you want to know something about us.. well, here ya go
writer #1
sex: male
age: 14
height: 5'8"
race: 100% pure blooded, hot-headed, demonic, pyrokinetic, disturbed Mexican... bitch
relationship status: i gots a gf and life is going good.. sorta

writer #2
sex: male
relationship status: i dont even know anymore...
height: 5'9"
race: uhh.. everything rolled into 1... mostly white

I know i havent been keeping up with my updates but i was in deep shit! a month in juvi for stupid ass shit. anywayz, ima update once a week on either of my 2 stories here, maybe i'll alternate each week. also, check out my fic at fanfiction.net. same sn

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