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Joined Apr '04
Hey all. I constantly read stories from Fictionpress and dable a little in writing myself purely for fun so I finally joined.
I am a college student majoring in psychology. Yeah I want to screw with people's minds he he he. I love stories about werewolves and vampires but I also like many other types of stories.
I love reading. It is my way of procrastination! Yeah let's here it for procrastination! I will gladly read and review other's works. I would prefer to be interested in the story though as it helps when trying to be objective, but I will see what I can do.
umm let's see what else... I love animals, horses, dogs, wolves (duh! werewolves), um and anything else furry and non-furry alike. I currently am working on a couple of stories, and I am going to try and post the first chapters sometime soon. One is about werewolves and the other... well it's a surprise! he he he
My main inspiration is Laurel K. Hamilton and the other authors on this site. I figure if you guys can do it. I can get up enough courage to write too. ;)
Love ya all.

P.S. for those of you that have started reading Kayla, I have removed it due to the fact that I did not like the first two chapters and wanted to fix them. I will post the revised story later, but it may be under a new name. I will let you know. Thanks :)
Thanks to all of those who review me. I love reviews! Makes me feel loved!
Moonlight Silver Wolf ~~~~I am back from school and working full time so it is a little hard to write with only so many hours in the day. Oh well e-mail or review to push me into writing faster if you want to read my stories. :)

~~ For any authors looking for names. Try name dictionaries online. You can find some great names on there. There are even Irish, French, and many others name dictionaries. It is cool. :)

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