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Hey ya'll!!! I changed my pen name, woohoo! It's an inside joke between "Raythe" and myself!


I couldn't find a set of twins so the one is gonna have to work. And I know Lacy has blue eyes but I liked her and she reminds me ofher character. The brothers look alike and that's why I chose them. I know my characters don't fit perfectly with their pics but I did my best.

All these pics come from Faceparty andI don't by any means own any of them. They belong to whoever they are.


First of all I want to thank everyone who has me on their favorites either it being an accident or you actually like my writing it means a lot. So again THANKS! And another thanks to everyone who takes the time to read it and tells me what you guys are the best!


As some of you have figured out Reckless is my story, literally. I've taken events and charactersfrom my life and put them in a story. I didn't think so many people would be interested in my stinky love life, but there are a few that are. And that pleases me. Of course not everything came from my life. I had to add a few good, more exciting events in there. Like I didn't kiss my Raythe nearly as much as Hannah did. Anyway I began writing this a year ago when I thought I would have an happy ending. It didn't go quite as good as I had hoped. I mean chapter 17 should be my last chapter, but I hate sad ending. This is why it's so hard to write chapter 18 because it didn't happen. So the next few chapters may be past things that have happened to me but not in the order of this story.

And seeing as I started this a year ago, I have to say my writing style has changed and hopefully gotten a lot better. I read over reckless and want to cry. This story can be SO much better if I just re-write it and take more time. I really want ot do that too. So I might. But only afterI finish the first version. Yeah I'm not going to do that to my faithful readers.

I have another account on here also! It's AlwaysLost! You should check it out!!!

Anywho I really would appreciate it if you'd read and review my writing. If you'd like I'd do the same for you. Just leave me a note and I'll get to it as fast as I can.

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