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Hey, welcome to my little corner of FP. My name is OM, and I figured, hey, I haven't done anything for a while, so here are a few quotes. Oh and if you want to email me for whatever reason: srcdeadbutterfly@.

Clip of President Bush addressing national guardsmen in Idaho: "Nineteen individuals have served both as guardsmen and as president of the United States, and I'm proud to have been one."
"Ah, the first rule of public speaking -- always start with a joke." --Jon Stewart

"The pope is in his native Germany. He's actually promoting his new movie, the 80-year-old virgin. He spoke at a synagogue in Berlin that was destroyed by the Nazis and apologized for the destruction. Then he politely wondered if, by any chance, during the rebuilding, anyone had found his wallet." --Bill Maher

"Pat Robertson, in case you don't know, is a televangelist. He's one of the big ones and also one of the dumbest ones. He's getting a lot of heat today after suggesting on his show yesterday that we go ahead and assassinate the president of Venezuela. Well, that is what Jesus would do." --Jimmy Kimmel

"President Bush said he wants Iraqis to compromise with each other, the warring parties, on their constitution. He said, look how easy it is, look how many times I've compromised our constitution." --Bill Maher

"Interesting science news this week. Scientists say they now have incontrovertible evidence that the earth's core is an iron ball the size of the moon . Apparently it spins faster than the rest of the planet. President Bush weighed in immediately. He said it's also important that schools teach that it doesn't." --Bill Maher

"I never looked around, never second-guessed
Then I read some Howard Zinn now I'm always depressed
And now I can't sleep from years of apathy
All because I read a little Noam Chomsky

I'm eating vegetation, 'cause of Fast Food Nation
I'm wearing uncomfortable shoes 'cause of globalization
I'm watching Michael Moore expose the awful truth
I'm listening to Public Enemy and Reagan Youth

I see no world peace 'cause of zealous armed forces
I eat no breath-mints 'cause they're from de-hoofed horses
Now I can't believe; what an absolute failure
The president's laughing 'cause we voted for Nader

-part of the song Franco Un-American by NOFX.

"Months ago officials set August 15th as the due date for the country's new constitution and, as of August 11th, President Bush remained optimistic. clip of Bush: 'I'm operating under the assumption that it will be agreed upon by August 15th.' Well guess what? The assumption that the president was operating on was wrong -- bringing the number of false assumptions we were operating under to -- let's see: 1. Iraq has WMDs. 2. We'll be greeted as liberators. 3. No insurgency. 4. All q's followed by u's. 5. Oil revenue will pay for war. ... 19,021. Iraqi army training on schedule. 19,022. Hummus left out won't spoil. 19,023. Not everything explodes. 19,024. Constitution by August 15th. ... Is there a fuck up they can't make seem like it was their intention all along?" --Jon Stewart

"Yesterday in New York City they did a simulated gas attack. ... I believe it was the biggest release of gas in Manhattan since, well I guess the Republican convention." --David Letterman

"President Bush is the fittest president in history. They said it's because he spends a lot of time exercising. See a lot of our previous presidents wasted that time reading." --Jay Leno

Thanks, see ya later...


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