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IM: Yahoo:sera_no_miko

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Age: 16

Hobbies:Soccer, Anime, Manga, Reading and writing poetry, Martial Arts and of course where would anyone be without food?

School:CHS (I wonder what it means 0.o)

Fav. Authors:D.J. Conway, J.J.R. Tolken, Terry Brooks, Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, Mary Stewart, Jane Yolen,Yuu Waste, Toshiki Hirano, Mineko Ohkami, Chiho saito, Rie Takada,Yuy Beop-Ryong,Kazuya Minekura, Naoko Takeuchi, Reiji Saiga,CLAMP, Rumiko Takahashi, Yuri Haushima, Wataru Yoshizumi, Matsuki Takaya, Lee Yun Hee, Masashi Kishimoto...the list does go on for quite a while.

Quotes I like:

"I have not become an angel but, the devil herself."- Freya

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."-confused (Confucius)

"Trapped in reality with chains I got on sale."-me

"I'm falling into the deep abyss and lovin' it"-me

"Love is a curse to those who wish for it."-Greg Rucker

- I say all the right things, at exactly the right time, but I mean nothing to you and I don’t know why…

- Catch your breath, hit the wall, scream out loud as you start to crawl – back in your cage, the only place where they will leave you alone…

Don't bother me. I’ve lost my way.

- On and on the rain will fall; like tears from a star… On and on the rain will say, how fragile we are, how fragile we are…

keep in mind that if youreview me then I review you as well :D

I'm still a novice writer so all critiques are welcome.I dont care if you flameme either, as long as it's not meaningless like some of them tend to be.I guess that about sums it up huh? Lylas _~

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