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I find it rather funny. It has been almost a year since i have added anything to this page, and almost that since i have picked up and read any of them. and looking back at all of these i find so many mistakes. and stupid ones at that. Simple skips in grammar that i see so clearly now that my mind just kind of skipped over back then filling in the blank of what should have been there. not bothering to relay to the rest of me that hey there is actually something missing.

But i guess that that goes the some for everything we do and then look back on years later. I read these and i think of all the multiple meanings that they had and it amazes me. I think i will be adding things soon. I feel i need to. if nothing else just to compare my life and style then to what it is now. the ending still remains the same though.

And still the following explination of myself applies.

I am Light and Dark, I am Sun and Moon, I am Night and Day. I am a Walking Contradiction. My life is filled with a drama that merely fluctuates from person to person, very seldom lessening, merely changing. And yet some have called me grounded. Say that i have handled myself and my problems well, that i have a level head on my shoulders, some say that they have envied me. I am not to be envied, i am not to he pittied though. I just am.

I am Kristan. I was born on July 23, the cusp day between Cancer and Leo. To those who pay any heed to that sort of thing but are confused, that means that that day is the day that depending on what calander you look at decides which i am, Leo or Cancer, Fire or Water, wether the Day is my strongest time or the Night, wether my power lies in the Sun or in the Moon. As i said. i am a Walking Contradiction. However, moving on, i was born in the year 1988, the chinese year of the dragon for anyone who cares.

My work is a mixture really, though most of it is rather depressing. As i said, i have a lot of drama. But ah, thus is life and thus is how i must live it. But i have rambled on enough, please read any of my work that you would care to, and reviews are appreciated. And feel free to critique, they are apreciated as well, seeing as they allow me to see my mistakes and fix them before i embarass my self too badly by being proud of something that is just plain sad, or just not at all skilled. if you would like to contact me by email its Well anyway, thank you. And i have but one wish for you.

May you have...

enough Serinity to accept the things you can not change,

enough Courage to change the things you can,

and enough Wisdom to know the difference.

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