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*Life is always going to have some complications in it, I'm just doing the best that I can to keep them down to as little as possible.

*I'm not what you'd expect. =) I'm a music whore; A Harry Potter Fan Girl; I'm a writer; I'm one in a million, you wont ever find another like me. I've got a son, whom is my world and i love him to pieces and back.

The past is the past, and I can not change it, but what I can change is my future and who I have in it. I have control over the things in my life and the people in it. If you really want to be in my life, you will be in it no matter the choices that I make, and you will be there by side no matter what.

"I live in video games and horror movies. I still wish I could be treated as a princess by a prince. I'm in a whole different world than most. If my ex's couldn't handle me what makes you think you can handle me?"

I love horror movies. They make me laugh, and smile at how stupid some of the females are. :)

I LOVE Harry Potter, I was a fan girl of potter before I was a fan girl of Twilight. I love them both but my heart belongs to the Magical World. :D

I love vampires.

Music is my thing, I use it to express myself.

Kthnx later


"I never did homework after school/ i did all the things i thought were cool/ i went out every friday night/ i still do, and im alright" it's from a song. my friend wrote it on my pants and i liked it. cuz it was true. and it still is.

"It was the expression an angel of destruction might wear while the world burned. Beautiful and terrifying." - Breaking Dawn page 730

"what is on my mind? alot now all you can do is move forward with life. There is no pause rewind or skip through scenes but believe me i wish there was. Be thankful for every one and every thing in your life ." - Brandon Higgins

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