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Destiny Violet PM
Joined May '04

Name: Susanna W.

Nicknames: Susie, Destiny*Violet, Destiny, DessyVie, Violet, whatever ^^

Favorite Color: Purple. And every other color in the world.

Zodiacs: Gemini, Horse

Location: Ft. Collins, CO, USA

Lived in: Singapore, China, California, Colorado. Singapore's probably the best ^^

Plays: the piano.

Uses: Adobe Photoshop Elements and 7.

Inspiration: EVERYTHING... even trash cans. o_O;

Nationality: Chinese-American.

Looks: J-Lo (jkjk) Dark brown hair below shoulders, dark brown eyes, tan, chinese-lookin, 5'5".

LOVES: Candy, food, movies, music, cute animals, dollz, pixels, dancing, drawing, singing, friends, drawing, reading, writing, anime, manga, clothes, shopping, harry potter, hugs, sweet cute guys, rping, ice cream, cotton candy, and so much other stuff. That I will add later.

HATES: Bush, sexists, racists, snobs, and buttheads. Definitely.

Random Info

I always happen to have like 5 crushes at the same time. -needs to get over it-

I'm a straight A student. I know. Wierd, eh?


Green Apples : Um, this is sorta a cutsey story. I wrote it in like two weeks in Creative Writing class. It's the first story I actually finished. It's not all that great but it's really wierd. I thought the ending was cute. It was the first story I posted on so it was sorta a tester ^^

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