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As evident in my writing, I cope by pouring words on to a page until they express what feels right. I've moved on from my past, and I truly believe everyone is capable of this feat. Write what you feel, what you want, what you aspire to. Write your musings and fleeting thoughts and save them, and when it's time, map them in to a story.

It's been a long time since I've written something I've been comfortable sharing. I've matured in to a completely different person than who I was when I first created this account, but the poems and stories here reflect much of the path I've taken. Most of the work here was pulled from my journals. Instead of a typical diary, I've always used prose as a tool to vent and express myself. It seems to me that works of art convey more than a complete sentence on a page in a book.

Read if you wish. I hope that, if you do, the emotions I attmpted to put to paper make it to you.

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