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January 12th, 2007

Alrighty. Hi there, everyone! I may be uploading new stories soon. It really depends and I swear, I will try to write some new stuff for Knight of Fire!! It's a (very slow) work in progress! Um, I updated my homepage, but it doesn't connect from FictionPress, so just copy and paste http:///i_am_rae and that should get you there. If I start updating more, I'll probably start a writer's journal and then make that my homepage. We'll see, I guess -

Just know that I have NOT forgotten FictionPress!

May 30th, 2006

My name's Rachel and I'm 19, born April 4th, 1987. I thought I'd never write Knight of Fire again, but then I got a review out of nowhere and I was like, "Hm... I think I could start getting into this again." So I'm gonna read all the old chapters to get a feel for the story again. Hopefully, I'll start updating by the end of this week. I doubt anyone even looks at this profile anymore, so they won't know until I update. I plan to write e-mails to the most recent readers (if I can find their e-mail addies) when I finish chapter 28. Hopefully, that'll mean I'll start getting reviews again.

My excuse for not updating Knight of Fire before (aside from losing interest) was because I didn't have Microsoft Word anymore. But alas, that's no longer a problem! I have it again and so I plan to write again, yaaaaaaaaay!

All of my other stories are completely different from Knight of Fire in terms of the way they're written and genre. I write fantasy (like different world kind of fantasy) mostly and Knight of Fire was a rarity for me. This is probably why I lost interest in Knight of Fire : (


Manga: Sailor Moon (Don't like the anime, but the manga is sooo prettyful!!), Rayearth, Chobits, Ranma 1/2, Cardcaptor Sakura, Nausicaa Of the Valley of the Wind (I think that's the exact title, not too sure...) and my absolute favorite FUSHIGI YUUGI

Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura, Ranma 1/2, FUSHIGI YUUGI (love that bishounen goodness ;p), Gundam Wing, Evangelion, Nausicaa (again), Earthian and my new all-time favorite...The Twelve Kingdoms!! BEST ANIME EVER! Period.

Movies: John Q., Peter Pan (with Jeremy Sumpter), LOTR, Pirates of the Carribean, Fallen, Gothika, Troy. (I'll update this list later. REALLY outdated...)

Food: manicotti, meatloaf, french fries, golden oreos, CARROTS! Heheheheheh

LEAST Favorites

Manga and anime: So far, only DBZ

Movies: Um... really cheezy B-rate movies

Food: SPINACH!! GROSS!! And pretty much anything that my dad makes because he puts ONION in EVERYTHING!!

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