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yeah.. so im crazyas shit, 15,16 w.e my backround is too long and depressing for this lil tiniy box,read my fucking story'sand what fucking ever fuck you i know i cant fucking spell u dont have to reminde me if you dont like punks you dont like me, and if you dont like me then why the fuck are you reading this you stupid shit fuck off befor sum1 kicks you in the sack

i dont think that if you can spell or can use good gramer then u r not punk, but i do think i am punk, and i cant spell or use gramer... ofcorse that is why im the genious, dumbass. I BLASIM ADHD i cant help it in 3rd grade no1 gave a fuck.. so i cant right in cursive, and im not so good with my *tablse spelling gramor and all that BLAIM MIS.CARTHIGHT she did it!

stab me in the face

im out...

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