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Wannabe manga artist, and freelance illustrator hoping to work for a Classics illustrated company and to do some art work for TSR and children's books. I'm trying to develop the style of romantic realism ( I think Ayn Rand coined that term ) with a shojo manga twist.

The stuff I like to read and write best is "magical reality ", and most especially dark humor.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Terry Pratchett, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Hans Christian Anderson are my favorite fiction writers.

For poetry, Sylvia Plath's " Mad Girl's Love Song ", Edgar Alan Poe's " The Raven ", Bruce Dawe's " A Victorian Hangman Tells His Love ", and Lewis Carol's " The Jabberwocky " are a few of my particular favorites.

Voltaire said it best in Candide, when talking about a being a dramatist :

A dramatist must be original, yet not ecccentric.That he must often be sublime and always natural; that he must know the human heart and make it speak, be a great poet wihout letting his characters sound like a poet, have a perfect command of his language and write it with purity and continous harmony, without ever sacrificing meaning to rhyme.

And yes, I'm one of those many authors that writes for the satisfaction of self. The fiction stories I write are mostly vignettes, and I usually do free- verse instead of rhyming poetry.

MSN ID is ceraby.Or use my email addy.

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