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What's up guys ^_^

Name: Kira(duh this is not my real name)
Race: Asian, Vietnamese to be exact. Justa little chinese. Azn Power? j/kXD
Height: 5'4" and A HALF ^_~
Hair and Eye Color: Brown for both
School: Is a JUNIOR now, woot!
Extra Stuff in School I do: Used to do stage crew and hopefully soccer
Location: Somewhere around here .
Fav Series: Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind
Fav Music: Rock, punk rock
Fav Book: Demon In My View
Fav Things to Do: read, write(obviously), sword fight, ummmm act invisible, rp

I've got some stories on Fanfiction as well. Come check them out. http://www.fanfiction.net/u/202263/

Okay so there was some useless info about me. I hope you guys enjoy my stories. All You Need is, is dedicated to my two buds Giah and Miroku. Hope you guys like it.

Breaking Even Fate is gonna be removed for awhile. I didn't get any reviews so maybe I need to rewrite it.

Oh and An Angels Choice is now going to be dedicated to all of my friends at school who take time out of their busy day to read my drivel. Without you guys this story would be nothing. Thanks for the real life experiences and friendships that make this story possibly. Oh and the drama also. You guys sure do bring that around haha.Peace ^_~

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