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As of October 18, 2009:

It seems that even those few amazing and loyal readers of mine have disappeared...which is a total shame and kinda painful to think about. I want to thank each and every single reviewer and all the amazing things you've said. You guys have been the reason to get me going.

Em(path): Aeolyn and Aelyta, you two were awesome and made me wanna take this from a tiny idea to something a little more full-fledged.

Fallen Angel: Aeolyn, Knightswood, SteveDave, Tina, Elasandra, and 11th Commandment: you don't even know how much each and every one of your reviews meant to me. Seriously.

Uh...a fic which needs a name: Balerina with a gun, undercover angel, and...aeolyn :)

Child of the Night: Troubled Flux and aeolyn.

The Prophesy: La Dame Noir, Knightswood, Wordlove, and Aeolyn (you really were my most fiathful reader!).

So, thanks guys. Although I didn't have all too many reviewers, I didn't care because you guys were awesome. Maybe I might put up my stuff again, but I wanna actually finish (or in the case of Fallen Angel, edit) my stories before they get anywhere. I do have an LJ account, so if you wanna read my ramblings or my writing, let me know!

and again...


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