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It's been a while since I updated ! it's funnn! And a new experience where I actually have to pay attention. This has slowed my writing but again, I'm doing my best.

The Basics:

loves books, including children's books
loves romance and cliches
detests studying
adores music
resides in the south of the usa
eager participator in fireworks, bonfires, christmas tree igniting and outdoorsy stuff
cherishes her friends
believes that every girl should own:
a) a ribbon (or several)
b) a tiara
c) a pair of ridiculous shoes
d) a nerf gun

The Stories:

A Desert Storm Personified: My personal goal is to let all of my readers (invisible as they are) glimpse everything I have for this story that hasn't been polished, edited or possibly written yet, but is hovering around my computer and my mind. My sister has graciously volunteered to be my beta and in home motivator, she's doing a wonderful job. The big news, everything I've already put up is being/has been edited and there are major name changes. Logan is now Garret, mainly because I never really found the name I wanted for him. Zach is now Colin for two reasons: I don't have to worry about misspelling it because I'm too stupid to remember which way I used originally, and because it's more European sounding. A new chapter will be appearing very soon, as well.

Beyond the Rippled Mirror: This is along the same lines as DSP, I have plenty written, not a lot edited and not a lot typed. I'm focusing on this and the two above right now. Although this has more solid plans, I'm just so far behind on typing that it takes a while. Oh dear, some progression, I promise. I should have the next chapter up soon.

Anatomy of a Dark Star: OK, this is the reason why nothing else has had any visible progress. It has taken over my brain and spawned a massive overhaul (of The X Factor). This new version is much closer to what I always wanted for this story and the characters won't get out of my head. There isn't much change to the intro but anyone who has read it before will start seeing changes in the first chapter.

Shattered, Scattered, and Sparkling: a Modern Attempt at Romeo and Juliet: The title says it all and while I have plans and outlines and ideas for this, I'm not sure how solid it is. Plus it's my first attempt to write first person from a guy's POV. This is now temporarily ON HOLD. Mainly because my brain is so overwhelmed with Mirror and ADS rewrite. I'm just happy I'm over writer's block.


hannah banana

ps- i will always tryto read+review something of yours if you do the same for me!

specific update FEB 10 2009

yay! It's 2009! And my birthday is coming up, which is always exciting. Ok, so if anyone actually reads this; I am so sorry. I knew my writing would slow down but I didn't think it would be this much. Contrary to evidence, it has not come to a resounding halt, I just haven't finished chapters and therefore haven't posted them. Not only have I been sick since October (pretty much) but Furman has delayed rush and that killed any energy in January. But February is a different creature. Desert Storm was missing half of chapter 10 and it was already written (dude, I know, I'm slack). On the upside, over half of chapter 11 is done. Mirror is also still alive, if asthmatic; I'm about half done with the next chapter and it's all planned out the actual words on the page aren't coming as easily. That's what's going on right now, love much :)


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