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And so hopefully, now that I've come back to this forum that hosts such a variety of genius and its fodder, I will have the energy and drive to stay true to the course I've set myself. This time, I want to go a little further than one-shot drabble. Here's hoping. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After too long away, I'm returning here. Look at those things I wrote. How nonsensical they seem, and yet as I read them I remember why I wrote them. Upon reflection, I am glad. Is that not one of the reasons I write? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As time passes you realize that what you're compelled to do (or what you feel you are compelled to do - it's pretty easy to fool yourself) is harder than expected. The decision that must be made, then, is whether or not it is worth the work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the beginning, I just wanted to read and write. Funny how many things have interfered with my goal.

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