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October 4, 2011

i recently discovered that 24 over insomnia has been plagiarized. there are no words for how i feel about that. that's the main reason i took down all my poetry, actually--i could not stand the idea of that specific collection being taken. & now that i find it has been ... i actually find myself appalled, because i was scared, yes, but i didn't actually think that someone would be that callous & cruel. you know what? thanks to this person, i'm proud that i removed my work. i hate saying that--you have no idea how much i hate saying that because i know what that collection meant to some of you--& i'm so sorry that i'm being this selfish, but right now, that's true.

& to my plagiarist: i hope you're ashamed of yourself. because i'm ashamed - i'm ashamed that even now, five days later, i'm still letting you make me cry.

December 1, 2010

hi, everyone. look, not dead! :)

i want to thank you so, so much for your continuous love & support through my time here on FP. you've all been amazing readers. i honestly don't know what i would have done without you. the fact that you've read & loved my work--it means so much to me.

however, i come bearing sad news. i did a search online, & i've found that my poetry has been plagiarized four times. at least, because it's very hard to find plagiarized poetry if people are just taking select stanzas or lines.

the fact that i was plagiarized--that someone would just come along & take something that is so personal & such a part of who i am/was & pass it off as their own ... it hurts. it hurts, & it makes me feel sick to my stomach. so unfortunately i've decided i'm going to remove all my poetry. i told a friend that if even one poem got plagiarized, i would take them all down. so down they come. i feel terrible doing this, but i just ... i can't have people taking my poetry. i can't. it meant & still means too much to me. & those of you who've read 24 over insomnia, you know just how big a deal it would be if that got stolen.

i'm so sorry. this makes me so sad, & i wish i didn't have to do this. this is not fair to you guys at all, & you've seriously been incredible to me while i was posting here. i hope you can understand, & you don't hate me too much for this.

thanks again for all your support. i'll never forget it. -throws hearts to everyone-

i love you. you gave me so much, gotten me through so much, helped me to grow ... just thank you, over & over again. i will miss you.

if you ever want to contact me, drop me a PM. i promise i will reply.


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