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me lets see...theres not much funny in a sick and twisted way haha"

:name:Meagan L. Nugent
:hobbies:WEll i m really into volunteering right now!! I can't wait to get my job. I can drive...its a standerd but it still rocks. Well im into tring to geting into college(sounds weird but hey)

:job:Im going tio be working this summer!!!
:Highschool is easy but im alone most of the time... fine with me makes no differnce. i have many many stories i like so im only going to name a few ok.we all lose sometimes,hello kitty,a river of innocence lost,the angel of caffeine,jack...ect.told you i could go on forever. just to let you know all of these are from fiction press.oh, and im going to miss all my friends in san antonio i swear-cry- love you all and to my menons to you are included to.

I want to think all the people on fictionpress for leting me read there stories, and im srry i havent updated this in going to be putting some of my poems on here soon, and i like to to tell me what you guys think.

I have never shown any of my work. I write to keep me sane.Well i guess i should end this here.

-- Hey it was just brought to my attention that some of most of my favorite authors were nominated!!! I congragulate all of you, forgive my spelling but i don't have much time to write this. But you guys keep me going and to see you guys get credited for makes me so proud, that gosh i better end this here. You guys rock and good luck to all of you.

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