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Hi, my name is Trescha, wierd name and i hate it (but at the same time, no one else has it, infact i've only known of one other person who has it, and she lives in california, but her mother told me, and she was from Oragon..anyway so it was very exciting)

i'm a european mutt, basically if its europe, i'm it, well not really, I'm Irish, scottish, dutch, swiss, english, german, yeah and a few others i think. I'm about 5'8, a middle child of 6, and am a girl. I have red hair and am a SENIOR

I get to do ALOT of writing and even though its a pain most of the time. well i love writing, and i hope you like what i've got, becasue i'm a freak and easily to love...sometimes, well peace out

Other info if you wish to know even more about me..Vampires are kool, love greek mythology, and mythology in gereral,

Fantasy OH MY GOD YES meremaids,
unicorns, dragons, oh wow i' depressing, or really radiculus at
hobbys...oh i like to sew too, make cloaks...wow i'm a fantasy freak,
ACK, oh god i've become a geek...well thats not so bad,

i love manga and comics, actually i'm not to picky, like almost every thing i
see or read,

music, i'd have to say punk, rock, ska, and jazz, although
i will listen to every thing.

OK I'm doing a story with my new friend Geena. you can find it at Trescha_Geena its gonna be awesomewe got a mega plot check it out, review if you review We'll review You:) its been put on hold for a little while though...unfortionately...my fault...

well thats about it thanks for reading this... i guess, this could be scary, you might turn into astalker OMG HELP STALKER...well yeah...Read my junk please review I really love them they make me feel special I jump for joy when I get them, No Lie


If anyone can tell me how, i've seen pictures and so on in peoples info, i'm not very good at doing things like that so if someone can help me out with putting pics in my info, i'd really like to put some of my maps and pictures of characters up...so if you can please let me know thanks

Anyway, i understand you all would rather Not learn about me, and rather learn more about my stories so i'll give some summeries in easier to understand words up here rather then right by their titles, Ready?

A Vampire's Heaven, A Vampire's Hell

Ok so you've got a vampire that has been damned by the heavens...aka God, cursed by her clan'smen, and rejected by her lover the Arch-Angel Raphel. (a little wierd and twisted ...yep ) So Kaji Ky, is forced to live out her sentance for her crime in the only place still open to her ...Hell. While being brought to hell where she is to live out her sentence she finds a half-demon child thats being abused and take it with her in order to save it from his hell, giving it a better alternitive to live.

During the time in her sentance Kaji is faced to re-live her past, until the alternitive is brought to her, because God is merciful.

Kaji's choices are to either stay and hell, facing a semi care-free sentance, given she marries a demon, becoming his 'bitch' which goes against her ever code and moral. Or...Or should she choice the chance given to her by heaven, and return to earth giving up her freedom, and the chance to never again drink blood, unless her new HUMAN master allows her the chance to taste the heavenly nector that forever calls her name.

Find out more when it's done...or if you read it. I'll update more often with the more reviews I get, sorry, but i need motivation every once and a while, and it helps to know that other people are reading and cheering me on

Alchemists of God

Jin and Mae are the last appearent living desendents of their family which was killed on an unfortionate plot to win the alchemist stones that if all are collected show the way to Imortality with the philosopher's stone.

Join them in the twisted plot with their weird pets and others while they try and escape the corrupt government, the murderer that killed their family, and others swayed by the promise that will help get them rich.

This story i've had major ideas, jumping from one section to another. It's not that long but i like this one alot, it makes you use your imagionation, and it takes place in the future.

The Hunters

Now this one Omg i love it. THis one has taken me the most amont of time...besides the fact i only have a few chapters up..I have seriously had to invent over 50 characters for this story, just to make past events match whats going on.

OK here's the sumemry

The Silurian family, the long line work of a family who's been fighting agianst the dark creatures of the night. Protecting humanity from the cover of darkness, Never recieving credit, but never being blamed when the supernatural occurs. No outsider ever aware with who or what they are and did, that is...until The lord of the house, Austian found an orphened girl who had tamed the werewolf Van Les Bijonx. Adoptiing the girl as his heir Arcana was trained to become one of the family, through all its twists and turns of secrecy.

Arcana however is about to learn about soemthign even the family through all its knowlege of the darkness there are somethings that they can not expect.

The vampires have adapted to the normal means of killings,

Blah blah blah...theres alot more drama to it then that...i'm jsut not very good at summeries...i usually spoil it for people, so i won't say much...however, if people want me to i will update whats happening up here for stories..

Blind Folded Fingers

Asi and her brother Indiana are twins completely identical only differnece is there gender and their hair is barely shades different.

Asi desguied as Austian a boy on a "merchant" ship by her mother saving her life during a raid of pirates.

The Two run into the trouble when Indiana is kidnapted, forcing Asi to completely change her lifestyle to find her brother, twin, and only living relitive left alive. Join Her in an adventure out on the sea, and the adventure their about to be dragged into of a legacy of their family, along with the Royals, and the real reason of the butchry that befell their mother.

The Dragons

Ryuu Drache Sage is a dragon hunter renown throughout the free world as a hero. Her noble efforts helping the millitary of the free world is astounding, killing 5 dragons, and saving several diffferent individuals from dragon attacks.

Abbiar is a young boy from the dragon infested world who is cursed by his own standereds with a unique gift. Being able to disappear from the dragon's sight and everyone elses, He is used by a family escaping to make it to the free city,

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