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Hi peeps!! Thanx for checking out mi profile which will hopefully enlighten you into my life more like bore your brains out...but anyway

Name: I've always wanted to experience pure bliss...the feeling of being truly at peace Ahwell...the closest i've been is enjoying a hot shower in a cold winter's morning!
Age: 14 going on 15 this November (shakes head I'm getting old)
Location: Australia
Nationality: Asian (Chinese)
Likes reading: Romance with a touch of humour...something light. Oh also, even though many would disagree, I enjoy cliches...after all, each cliche still has a different plot
Likes writing: I must admit, I enjoywriting romance...nothing too physical, but more on the emotional side. I enjoyed writing at a young age, and when I found this site, I was really happy to finally be able to share my stories with other people! All my stories have kind of been nothing special though, and I want to be inspired with a really good idea before continuing.


Colour: blue, aqua, azure, light blue, sky blue, sapphire (you get the idea)

Movie: I'd have to say LOTR!!

Hobby: READING!! (and writing)

Studio Ghibli: Princess Monoke

Authors: R.L Stine, Magaret Clark, J.K Rowling, L.J Smith

Nothing special, but I hope it gives everyone a better idea about what kind of person I am so people can judge my writing.

Also, it would be much appreciated if you review my stories to keep me inspired. flashes a wide grin. Thanx every1~~

Possible upcoming stories:

The Life of an Assassin
Although they were childhood enemies, Patience's life as a sorcerer separated them. Ironically, her name was the exact opposite of her personality. 10 years later, what she didn't expect was a mission that involved assassinating the Crown Prince, on punishment of death. Guess who she meets?

Current Stories: longer summaries

Similar Worlds, Opposite People

Eighteen year old Hugo Paxton is a self-centered and stuck-up piece of scum who thinks he has the world at his feet. All he knows is how to seduce girls with his charms and wealth. He fails all his exams and has no aim in life, so when he blows his last straw, he is forced to move to the school opposite of town. His fifteen year old sister, Naomi knows of her brother's shocking ways, and wants to change them for the better. She knows Hugo acts like the responsible brother to her, and she wants to do something for him as well.

Lindsay Winstonis popular, intelligent, respectful and desired by everyone. Her best friend Trevor, is in love with her-in fact, the whole male population that laid eyes on her would fall for her. Yet, after being nearly raped by her latest boyfriend, she vows never to trust men again. She hates anybody who thinks that they're better than others and that they are on the top of the world. She had an older brother, Stephan who was overprotective, but had his ways with women as well.

They lived in similar worlds of popularity, but they are completely opposite people. It is obvious that a humorous and interesting story will unfold when they meet. Read and find out...

Rags to Royalty

Princess Yasmine's identity is unknown as she lives a simple life as a maid in the palace. Prince Damon is the most handsome man in Verisha, but his interests aren't on beautiful princesses and great power. When they meet, it is an instant flash of sparks-but Damon is suspicious to who Yasmine really is. Then, comes along an arranged marriage, and a long lost brother. But worst of all, what happens when Yasmine's identity is uncovered and they turn into arch enemies and she learns that Verisha was the reason for her kingdom's downfall, and that his country's assassination was the reason for her people and parent's death?

War approaches them, even if it is against both their wishes. Blood will spill once again on the battlefield-are the two lovers destined to break apart?

The Power of Love

Patrick Forests lives a life of pain as heis shrouded in memory ofGia-a girl who had used him because of his wealth and looks and then dumps him like yesterday's trash. He thought she loved him. Many years after, he puts on a false facade and toys with girls' hearts, then breaks them-he wants them to feel the pain he felt.

Mikey Sullivan, his best friend has loved Lira Summers for 5 years, only to receive rejection. Lira didn't intentionally hurt Mikey, but it was true she didn't love him. What's worse, she finds herself falling for Patrick when she knows he's a player. How can she rid herself of these feelings? On the other hand, Patrick finds himself falling for Lira, but he had already convinced himself that girls only used him for his power and looks.

How can Mikey face reality and forget Lira? Then, Gia comes back, realizing her love for Patrick was true...she will go to any length to get Patrick back. She realizes all she has to do is get rid of Lira...A complicated plot, butI assure you a great read!!

Enjoy...and plz R&R-it would be very much appreciated

Oh, also, if anyone is interested, I have a Love Hina fic that I've just started on fanfiction

Here's the site if you wanna check it out!


NOTICE: I've really run out of ideas...I wouldn't consider it an Author's Block but I ask everyone to forgive me. Perhaps, i'll continue the stories...but more likely, when I get a well sorted idea, I'll start another story for everyone to read. I'm really sorry to dissapoint everybody, but the stories I have are kind of dangling by a thread in my head...

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