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Bio - This is the original FictionPress profile of Jamie M. Cannon. Writing is the passion in my life. No sense in denying it. I'm 25, female, live in Colorado and aside from writing (a lot) I work as a web developer from home. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Game Design and Development from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. Right now I spend a lot of time writing, working, reading, gaming, and enjoying life. I recommend all of these activities to everyone.

Writing News (Jan 2012) - Unfortunately for some, I've taken my four completed novels down from FictionPress. This is because I am now publishing on the Kindle (and probably other devices soon)!! The same day I am writing this update, I am putting Night Falls, a newly revised and edited version, on the Amazon store. Because the other novels are already finished, they will be released after I've given them a fresh edit as well. Therefore, I have to remove the free versions from this website. Part of me is very sad about this because the FictionPress community is really what inspired me to plow onward through Moon Rises and Blood Runs, which in turn has kept me working on other novels over the past several years. I do not know of any way to contact my old readers and reviewers to inform them of this change, so if you find yourself missing my novels, please do not think I was not thinking of you, my dear readers. I hope that people still find my supernatural dramas to be exciting and different on the Kindle so that I can eventually put all of my effort into writing as a career. However, I can say for sure that a 5th novel about Nicci Alexander and her vampire/werepanther problems is coming up as well. It will be better than ever! And if you're getting tired of vampires... well, I have more than one new and original novel well on their way to being finished, too. Please find me, Jamie Cannon, online on facebook, tumblr, or wordpress, and there you can stay up to date on my latest creations.

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