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Ariana McKenzie
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Heeey, this thing is about me! How odd.

Name: Ariana
Age: 19
Hair: Blonde/Brown/Black (I don't know, it's a bizarre natural color)and straight as sin cries
Eyes: Umm, debatable. Usually green, but they have the tendency to go yellow or orange. shrug
Height: 5'0"... I'm not joking people. Actually I might be shrinking.
Weight: Uhh... thin...ish... we'll leave it at that, shall we?


The Golden Mermaid - UPDATE! Hey guys (if any of you are still out there) I'm not updating this anymore. I don't like it now, and I'm taking it off to revamp it. Hopefully it'll be published eventually? Anyway, I'm starting over completely from scratch... sorry if this pisses anyone off, but I'm trying to start makin' a living here! Kind of. Anyway, sorry for the disappointment, hopefully I can make it up to ya'll...

Starcrossed - Originally, I'd intended this to be a sort of reverse Cinderella, in that it would follow the Prince's story instead. Has anyone noticed I like princes? Anyway, the characters are weird and I have no idea where the plot went. Narnia, I suppose. Damn that wardrobe and its trickery.

Status: Past Laughable. On hiatus until I finish The Golden Mermaid... My muse ran off and left me in the dust... bastard...

Angel - Well, I was bored... and yeah. It's an idea in progress, meaning the only thing I've edited is spelling and grammar. I'm not at all happy with it or anything, but I wanted to know what you guys thought... continue? Ideas? (I was very melancholy that day...)

Status: Well, prologue/ first chapter up... just for kicks. Thinking about continuing... maybe not. Depends on the feedback :)

I'd really love to hear feedback from you! Email me, stalk me, I don't give a damn as long as you read my stories and tell me what you think! Please! (Yes, I'm desperate for reviews)
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